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Direct Loan Application - Parent

Parent Information

Student Information

Loan Information

  1. ** I am a:

    Alien Registration Number:
  2. ** I request the Parent PLUS Loan cover:

    (Check All That Apply - at least one must be selected)

  3. $   Per Semester:    Per Year:
  4. ** For the loan period:

    **The lender will retain a loan origination fee from the PLUS Loan. For example, if you request $1000, the lender will retain 4.204% or $42, and the remaining $958 will be disbursed to you.

  5. Yes

  6. Yes

  7. My child (student)
    Myself (parent)

  8. YES

Borrower's Rights and Responsibilities

** Carefully read and review your borrower's rights and responsibilities listed below. We encourage you to print out a copy for your records.
Check marking each box indicates you have read and accepted each statement.

The Financial Aid Office cannot guarantee that financial aid will be in place by the date tuition and fees are due if you do not submit all requested information and supplemental forms by the priority process dates.

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