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Direct Loan Application

Personal Information

Loan Information

  1. (You must be actively attending at least 6 hours to apply for and receive a loan!)

    List the number of hours you plan to take at JWCC:

  2. You are required to inform the financial aid office of any assistance you will be receiving besides the FAFSA grants.
    This assistance can affect your student loan eligibility.
    (Please list all scholarships, WIA, GAMM, DORS, Employer Assistance, etc.)

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  3. ** I am requesting a loan for the following semester(s):

  4. ** I need my loan to include the following minus any grants that I may have:

    (Check All That Apply - at least one must be selected)

  5. $   Per Semester:    Per Year:

    *If you're requesting a loan for living expenses (such as daycare, rent, computer, etc.), please place that estimated extra amount in the box above. We cannot estimate living expenses for you.

    Remember that you cannot exceed the annual loan maximums per year which are:
    Dependent Freshmen (earned credits 0-27): $5,500/year ($2,750/semester)
    Dependent Sophomore (earned credits 28 or more): $6,500/year ($3,250/semester)
    Independent Freshmen (earned credits 0-27): $9,500/year ($4,750/semester)
    Independent Sophomore (earned credits 28 or more): $10,500/year ($5,250/semester)
    We strongly encourage you to borrow only what you need!!

    • Subsidized - 4.66% interest is paid by governement while in at least 6 hours (qualification based on FAFSA).
    • Unsubsidized - 4.66% interest starts accruing at the time of first disbursement (while in school).
    Interest & origination fees are subject to change every July 1
    You have the right to deny the unsubsidized loan. Please know that doing so may cause you to owe all or part of your bill.
    I accept the unsubsidized loans
    I deny the unsubsidized loans

Borrower's Rights and Responsibilities

** Carefully read and review your borrower's rights and responsibilities listed below. We encourage you to print out a copy for your records.
Check marking each box indicates you have read and accepted each statement.

The Financial Aid Office cannot guarantee that financial aid will be in place by the date tuition and fees are due if you do not submit all requested information and supplemental forms by the priority process dates.

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